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Bathroom Makeover Ideas

Tips for Bathroom Remodeling Projects:

Bathroom Makeover IdeasMaybe you bought an older home and you found the bathroom to be somewhat outdated. Maybe your old bathroom hasn’t aged as well as it might have. Regardless of the reason, a beautiful bathroom has a good impact on your self-esteem and on the image of your home. After all, you don’t want guests visiting your bathroom thinking how dingy and bad it looks, right? Here are some useful tips you can incorporate into your bathroom makeover:

• Choose beautiful fixtures that complement your bathroom space. For example, choosing classic variations of sinks and tubs will make your space a lot more interesting. Pedestal sinks are an excellent way of adding timeless beauty.

• Lay down in a bathtub before you buy one. You have to make sure the size allows you to enjoy being in it. Depending on the space you have available, you can either enjoy a regular type or an extra-deep one. Choose a color different than white if that is within what’s available and affordable to avoid the standard bathroom look.

• Choose flooring capable of withstanding traffic. Tiles made of ceramics, stone or marble are Bathroom Makeover Ideasdurable enough and water-resistant to be a good choice for a bathroom. You can also work with laminated floors as there are many water-resistant variations on the market. Choose whatever colors suit your personal taste.

• Use the opportunity to change your mirror into a more stylish and interesting one. There are many varieties on the market that offer various styles. Pick something that suits your personal taste and change the way everything looks with this simple touch.

• If your wall allows it, try recessing any storage cabinets into it thus allowing the bathroom to become more spacious. Make sure the cabinet has enough depth and that it has a door flush with the wall where you installed it.

• Build a shower area with an open area instead of the traditional curtain if your space allows for it. It will be less confining and it will add a sense of spaciousness. You can also use a ceiling shower-head or one that is mounted high above with a lesser amount of water used so you can keep the area more dry.

Bathroom Makeover Ideas• It is important to have proper lighting around the bathroom. You can combine the usual mirror lights with wall sconces or pot lights to reduce the unlit corners. Install dimmers too if you want to have different light levels.

• While you are at it, you should buy a comfortable toilet seat. Choose one that complements your bathroom and has a comfortable seat. If possible choose one that is economic, such as the low flush variety.

• If you have the space, you can use that for a lot more! Maybe a makeup vanity, exercise equipment, a place to relax or anything you like. You are only limited by space and your own imagination! Have fun!

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