Thursday, March 14, 2013

10 Ways Your Home Can Save You Money

Ways your home can save you money!There are many ways in which your home can save you money with the long term effect of allowing you to realize your property’s potential value.

Some important approaches to take to getting your home to save you money range from changing your household routines to selling old items, to investing in parts of your property to add value and save you money over time. In this context, it’s possible to make your home save you money by trying the following strategies:

 1 – Making Small Energy Saving Changes

This means improving your insulation and checking to see whether you’re losing heat from different parts of your home. Investing in draught excluders and turning down your thermostat by a few degrees can add up to savings over time

 2 – Removing Clutter

If you’re having a problem with clutter, you can save money in the long run by sorting out your stuff and finding out what you can sell for a profit. Even old mobile phones and other electronics can be recycled for a fee.

 3 – Make Long Term Investments

You can gradually build up value in your property by making long term investments and renovations that will make your home more energy efficient; this might include replacing an old drainage or heating system, or getting a new boiler.

 4 – Reduce Drafts

home improvement new windows

Reduce problems with heating by getting new windows and insulation materials for roof, while fitting new air conditioning systems that can better control the flow of air through your home.

 5 – Create a Vegetable Garden

It’s possible to save money on your weekly food shopping bill by creating a vegetable garden – this can be used to grow potatoes and other vegetables and can be combined with basil and other herb plants in your kitchen.

 6 – Get New Appliances

This is a particularly good idea for the kitchen where you can swap your old fridges and freezers for Energy Star rated versions; these tend to use less electricity, make less noise, and add more value to your home.

7 – Use Less Water

Save money on your water consumption by switching to a more accurate water meter rather than paying ground charges; you can also fit devices to taps and faucets to reduce water usage.

 8 – Be Careful with Appliances

Try to change your habits if you tend to leave your television or computer on standby overnight; just switching things off will save you money over time.

 9 – Consider a New Mortgage

Look around to see if you can get a better financing deal on your mortgage; switching your mortgage to a new provider with lower rates can allow you to take advantage of the equity in your home.Rent out garage space to save money

 10 – Selling Space

If you have a parking space or a garage that you’re not making use of, consider leasing it to neighbors or friends to make some extra money. Always check, though, to see whether there are any restrictions on your lease or mortgage about sub-letting.

Author Bio: Liam Ohm writes about home improvement, from choosing the best luxury baths to saving money at home. In his spare time he enjoys giving advice to others in need.

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