Friday, March 22, 2013

Renovation Planning

Be sure to prepare for home renovationsEvery project needs a plan and this is especially important in the case of home renovations. It is not only recommended but mandatory since reconstruction requires you to juggle many details and, without a good plan, you will likely get lost in the process and forget the essentials. Without a detailed plan in mind, chaos may ensue and cause you stress and possible damage to your property.

Although planning may sound like a daunting task, you can easily deal with all the small details with some careful and deliberate preparation.

While you are wondering what to do, you can start with the concept of what you want to see as the final result and how many people you may need for this project. Try to separate your renovation efforts into smaller stages and decide if it is necessary to hire people for each of the tasks. Alternately, depending on the scale of the project, you can do some of the tasks yourself. The best way is to combine the help of your construction workers and anyone assisting you with things you can only do by yourself. It is necessary to deal with small aspects of the reconstruction. Small details of a personal nature are something only you can see better than than the rest of your helpers or workforce.

Once you have the full vision of your renovation, you may start planning the budget for it. You will probably have part of the money already, but for significant reconstructions a bank loan will be likely required to fund it completely. Make sure you use common sense when you plan the magnitude of what you have in mind as you may need to pay off a loan over a period of a few years.

If you are planning to use the help of a project manager and designer, now is the time to interview and hire one. Be project managersure you have signed a contract with the staff you will use for your home renovations. Read every part of it carefully and make sure it doesn’t have any particular conditions that you are not happy with. It is strongly recommended to include insurance in the papers you will be signing for your project.

Once the construction begins and you have hired a man for every job, you should keep in mind your part is not over yet. You may have to visit the spot occasionally so you can check on the progress and quality of the work. It is also good to keep an eye on individual tasks. If something has to be changed, it should be addressed on time before the completion of the project.

When the project is complete, you should do the final inspection yourself. Be there and be very careful as you accept the renovated place or section of your house. Be sure you have received all documents and that all work has been done in compliance with the law.

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