Friday, March 8, 2013

Choosing a Boiling Water Tap

quooker-basic-boiling-hot-water-tap-pro3-vaq-mediumBoiling water taps are popular in the UK, Australia and the US. They vary according to options, make and model; the simplest supplement would be to use your existing sink arrangement. More complex taps have options for chilled, cold, hot and boiling water—it can be purified or filtered, and the most advanced among boiling taps have touch screen interfaces. Below, you’ll learn some of the benefits of the boiling water tap and the primary differences between brands.

Hot Water When you Need It

As you may already know, a boiling water tap will give you instant hot water for soups, drinks, noodle dishes and flasks. It can reduce boil time for vegetables by up to half when compared to a gas or electric hob. With a boiling water tap, you’ll never need to wait for the kettle again!

Hot Water Taps Offer Filtering

Depending on your home’s plumbing, the water coming out of your new tap can be purified and filtered. You have a variety of options which depend on whether you want to purify all the water that comes into your home or just that which comes out of your tap. Every Quooker tap filters lead and other solids like limestone. There are even reverse-osmosis systems which also remove fluoride, chlorine and other impurities before your water is heated or chilled.

Add on to Your Sink, or Start Fresh

When you decide to add a boiling water tap, you can either install it in your current kitchen sink or you can buy one including a drip tray. If you’re a more advanced user, you can replace your existing hot/cold tap with a four-in-one setup which includes hot and cold, as well as chilled and boiling water. The highest-end taps from Quooker and other makers include features such as sparkling water dispensers and countertop touch panels. With a new hot water tap, you’ll have so much more than just a kitchen sink!

Like many other modern kitchen appliances, boiling water taps are very energy efficient because you’re only heating the exact amount of water you need. They’re vacuum-insulated and the best models consume just pennies in energy when in standby mode. The taps come in stylish designs to complement any kitchen and some are even height-adjustable.

There are a multitude of uses for a hot water tap from Insinkerator, Franke or Quooker, and users are coming up with new ones each day. You can boil water for the perfect cup of English tea, or you can easily blanch vegetables, cook pasta or heat up serving ware. Making coffee and preparing baby formula is a bree e! You can do all this and more in just a moment with a boiling water tap and, with its growing popularity, we can expect to see it become a regular feature of most kitchens in the years to come.

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Article written by A. Elliott; a writer with an interest in home improvement and interior design, she occasionally writes for Kitchen Appliance Centre, suppliers of Quooker taps and other kitchen appliances in the UK.

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