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DIY Projects to Avoid

Should You Tackle A DIY Project Or Hire A Professional?

bricklayingDIY projects can be a lot of fun and, when you do a good job of one, it gives you a huge sense of accomplishment. Many homeowners make their first forays into the world of DIY in an attempt to save money and, while there are a lot of basic jobs that everyone should learn to do, there are some tasks that are best left to the experts.  Here is a quick look at some of the most dangerous DIY projects  and why you should give them a wide berth.

Major Plumbing Jobs

There’s a big difference between fixing a leaking tap and moving some pipes.  As plumbing jobs increase in complexity, they become massively more risky.  Not only does moving or changing pipes often require cutting out parts of your wall, it also requires a good knowledge of how your plumbing works and how to safely install the new pipes so that you don’t end up with a leak a few months down the line. To do the job well, you will need specialist equipment.

When plumbing goes wrong it can get messy and, if you end up with a leak that comes into contact with your electrical wiring, it can also become very dangerous. It will be faster, cheaper and safer to let an expert do the job.

Electrical Work

Electricity may seem like a safe and familiar thing – after all, it powers the devices you use every single day. However, if it’s not handled correctly it can be lethal.

Everyone should learn how to change a fuse and re-wire a plug (and even these tasks carry risks), but major wiring changes are a different matter. Building regulations require most home wiring jobs to be carried out by a qualified, licensed electrician. If you attempt any major works you could well be breaking the law and end up with a property that you cannot sell until the work is checked by a qualified person.  Get the work done right the first time to avoid any potential problems.


It’s one thing to raise a flower bed with a few bricks or even lay your own patio, but tackling a bigger building project, or something that can be clearly seen from the street is another matter.  Building a wall out of bricks might seem like a simple job, but if you don’t know what you’re doing that wall could come tumbling down after a few days of bad weather.

Even if you do manage to build a structurally sound wall, are you sure it will look good?  How long will the project take you?  Why spend an entire week on a project that a professional could do in a day or two?  If you can afford the materials it makes sense to spend a little extra to ensure that they are used to create something attractive that will last for many years.

Knocking Down Walls

When remodeling our homes it can be very tempting to skip steps especially when it comes to knocking down walls. Why pay for a professional when all you need is a sledge hammer? How wrong can you go destroying a wall? The answer is: very wrong. And in the end it might be more than the wall you destroy. It’s important to get a professional in who understands the structure of the building and can remodel your home without making it unsafe. After all, you don’t want to go knocking down any load-bearing walls for the sake of saving a little money.

Cutting Down Trees

This is probably one of the most dangerous tasks that you could do yourself. Chainsaws are powerful tools and, in Cutting down trees can be a very dangerous task!the wrong hands, can be deadly weapons. Not being trained to use one or having the right experience puts you and others in great danger. Additionally, there is the risk of the tree falling on you, someone else, a building or a car.

Most people take on these jobs with the belief that they are going to save money. Unfortunately, mistakes, damage and sometimes injury and even death prove quite the opposite. If every job could be easily done by anyone there would be no need for qualified professionals.

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Article written by A. Elliott; a writer with an interest in interior design and home improvement, she occasionally writes for Vibrant Doors, suppliers of internal and external doors.

Amy makes a lot of good points in this article.  There are lots of DIY Projects that homeowners can easily complete.  The ones listed above are really best handled by professionals.  We agree that they CAN be dangerous and not worth the risk.  What are your thoughts about these DIY Projects?

Gary B.

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