Thursday, June 27, 2013

Creating a Woman-Cave

Woman-CaveThe “man-cave” is the space in a home where the man of the house can go to relax. The area usually includes features like a flat screen TV, a video game console, and a bar or mini fridge stocked with a variety of beverages and snacks.

Women need a place to feel at ease as well. So why not create a woman-cave in your home? Purchasing a few items to change the ambiance in your home space can immediately make you feel like you’re taking a mini vacation. Here are a few tips for transforming a room in your house into a woman-cave you’ll love spending time in.

Make an At-Home Spa

Few things are more soothing than a quality spa treatment. If you love to be pampered with massages, facials, and manicures, reserve an area in your home for a spa day in your woman-cave. Purchase a small fountain with smooth stones so you can hear the tranquil sound of the water running over the rocks. A humidifier or room diffuser is a smart buy as well since you can fill these devices with essential oils like bergamot and lavender that will make the room smell inviting. Fill a basin with warm water, sea salt, and olive oil to soak your feet and hands in; the mixture softens your cuticles and makes your manicure and pedicure look more professional. Play some relaxing music in your woman-cave to create a tranquil atmosphere while you pamper yourself. You can even make some spa-inspired treats for yourself like a bowl of fresh fruit dressed with citrus and honey or a carafe of cucumber water.

Stock Your Bar

Put a small refrigerator in your woman-cave just like your guy has in the man-cave. Fill it with your cupcakesfavorite healthy treats like yogurt or trail mix, or with indulgences that you only eat during your time in the woman-cave. These can include treats like your favorite flavor of cupcakes or a box of gourmet chocolates. Don’t forget to put a few small bottles of water, fruit juice, champagne, or the ingredients for your favorite cocktail in the mini fridge as well. These treats make you look forward to your time in your special space with even more excitement.

Create a Library

If you love reading, make your woman-cave into a library. Purchase a small bookshelf and fill it with books from your favorite authors. Decorate the walls with posters of the books or movies you like best. Play music in the background as you read or put a television in the woman-cave so you can watch the romantic comedies you love that no one in the house wants to see but you. Purchase a comfy chair or a plush rug for the woman-cave as well so you can watch classic films and cuddle up with that book you’ve been meaning to read. A few scented candles in the woman-cave provide soft lighting and fragrance that will make your home library even more appealing.

Make Room for Friends

While men tend to retreat to their man-caves when they want to get away from it all, a woman’s idea of relaxing often involves getting together with a few close friends. Make your woman-cave inviting for your girlfriends by purchasing a sofa that will comfortably seat three or four guests and a television large enough to make you feel like you’re at the movies watching the latest blockbuster starring the actors you and your friends love to swoon over.

Make the space your own by adding an accent wall in your favorite color to add a finishing touch to the woman-cave. Soft pastels make the room appear larger, while an eye-catching hue like turquoise or lime green emit a feeling of calm or creative energy that will make you look forward to the hours you spend in your special space.

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Do you have a woman-cave in your home?

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