Saturday, June 29, 2013

Make Your Backyard Beautiful

Backyard landscapingAs summertime approaches, you’re going to want to spend some quality time outside. If you’re lucky enough to live in a good location, you can go to the beach or maybe a neighborhood pool, but often your backyard is the place you’re going to catch the most sunshine and fresh air. In this case, it pays to transform your backyard into the place everyone wants to spend time. This is certainly possible, whether you’re on a budget or have an unlimited amount to spend on your backyard upgrades. Keeping your financial constraints in mind, you can upgrade your landscape, backyard fixtures, furniture, lighting, and a variety of amenities in order to have the best backyard this summer has ever seen.


One easy way to improve the quality of your backyard is to make sure your landscaping is up to snuff. If your grass is dying or non-existent, consider laying sod or sowing some grass seeds. Add flowers for a great smell and inexpensive splash of color. Make sure you keep any landscaping well groomed, as an unkempt lawn can quickly devalue your backyard. If your schedule doesn’t allow for consistent maintenance, consider hiring a gardener or at least installing an automated sprinkler system.

Building Structures

While you’re spending time in your backyard to get some sun, sometimes you need to escape into home improvement project new patiothe shade. While a tree or umbrella can serve this purpose, if you want a more permanent shaded area it’s certainly possible. If you’re on a budget, consider designing and building your own structure, a task which can be fairly simple with some limited construction experience. Structures can also provide great storage space, a play area for your children, and even an outdoor studio for working in the sun.

Furnishing the Backyard

Furniture is of the utmost importance when you’re planning to relax in your backyard. Before making any furniture purchases, consider your primary uses for the backyard, as well as any space constraints you might have. Do you use your backyard primarily for lounging, or are you planning to throw dinner parties? Let the function shape your furniture choices, purchasing whatever is needed to best enjoy your backyard time. Keep in mind that purchasing the cheapest furniture, if you are on a budget, is not always the best idea as the quality often isn’t too great. Instead, purchase middle of the line furniture which will last for several seasons. Taking care to bring your furniture into a sheltered area in inclement weather can greatly improve the life of your furniture.

Adding Amenities

Again, take some time to think about what your backyard is most used for. If it’s primarily a play area for children, consider adding a cheap above-ground pool or investing in a jungle gym, whether you buy one or make it yourself. If cooking is your passion, plenty of DIY projects are available to expand your cooking capabilities. While you might already have a grill, consider making a pizza oven, smoker, or a bar from which to serve drinks.

No matter your financial constraints, it’s easy to get your backyard in tip-top condition for upcoming summer festivities. Take into account your budget and upgrade your furniture, fixtures, and even cooking amenities as needed for the best use of your backyard area.

This article was written by Andre Hickson, a landscaping contractor, father, and home renovator. For more landscaping tips and ways to improve your home, Andre suggests consulting professionals, like the Dorchester Awning Company



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