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Focusing on Interior Design with a Home Remodel


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Maybe you are looking to redo the kitchen and get rid of those gaudy cabinets – or perhaps you are appalled by the color of the walls in your living room – or you hate that carpet in your dining room…maybe you want to remodel your whole house! Remodeling is common these days as styles and trends constantly change. What may have been appealing in the 90s may not look so great anymore and that is why homeowners across the country are looking into complete home remodels. When one goes on such a venture, it is crucial to keep interior design in mind.

What does interior design cover? It is a very wide field that extends from the pattern of the kitchen tiles to the placement of the television in the living room to the types of lights in the bathroom. Essentially, you are trying to lay out and decorate your whole home to the fullest extent.

Here are some key things to keep in mind as you go about designing your home:

·         Space- You will need space to move around, so any congested areas of a room should be cleared up.

·         Color- The color of each room should be taken into consideration. Many psychologists believe that room-painting-ideasthe wall colors affect moods. For example, green fits a bedroom because it is calming, red is best for a dining room because it encourages an appetite, and blue for an office because it encourages productivity, et cetera. Colors within rooms must be paid attention to as well. No homeowner would want the couches to severely contrast the walls; colors are meant to complement or match one another.

·         Furniture- Looking at how tables match the room matter too. What type of wooden table or table material would best match the floor and walls?

·         Flooring- Certain rooms, such as those that have a lot of moisture, need tile and others need laminate flooring. Since each room is different in color and settings, flooring needs to be viewed uniquely for each of them.

There are so many things to consider when enduring an interior design project that many homeowners decide to call in an interior design specialist, someone who has specifically trained to format rooms well and match colors properly. The expertise of an interior designer can take a lot of weight off the shoulders of the homeowner and it can lead to some great results! Remodeling a home is no easy project, but it can be rewarding in the end as long as you take the proper considerations beforehand. It takes work to make your house beautiful!

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I am an interior designer based out of Houston, Texas. I love to provide and share knowledge on home interior design and improvement. I own my own interior design-focused blog, “Floors by Emily” and also do some freelance blogging for Floor & Decor, a factory direct flooring company.


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