Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Feng Shui At Home

Feng Shui Arrangement And Decoration At HomeCreating a lovely and truly comfortable home environment is a dream we all want to achieve and accomplish. However, it is very difficult to combine the modern and elegant with the convenient and cozy. Sometimes that balance is missing in a premise or even in the entire house which actually leads to a serious problem and lapse in a home’s flow. There is one ancient and old,but still interesting and attractive, eastern art that symbolizes the beauty, comfort and harmony we need to maintain our personal snugness and calmness at home.

Feng Shui is an old but still modern and contemporary flow that drives balance, peace, love and harmony into your home. The only thing you have to do is to learn some basic information about this ancient Eastern flow. Then, you can easily perform some Feng Shui home decoration in your home with no difficulties. Feng Shui is the symbol of balance, peace, love and harmony inside a home because ancient Eastern people used to believe that the home is the protective stronghold of a person and the home is where people`s problems and spiritual life starts.

In a Feng Shui-decorated and organized home, there must be placed five particular elements which Feng Shui Arrangement And Decoration At Homeare balanced and arranged in harmony. Wood, fire, metal, earth, and water are the powers of the Feng Shui Art. As soon as you start placing the furniture and the decor in each of these premises in your personal home, consider the elements that will symbolize these forces. Wooden furniture such as elegant coffee tables or a massive dining table in a Gothic style could perform the wood present, while the fire may be expressed by a lovely fireplace in the corner. The Eastern wise men believed that in each of the corners of the premise should be placed one single symbol from the Feng Shui doctrine.

Feng Shui Arrangement And Decoration At HomeWater may be either a decorative fountain in the living room, if you have enough free space, or a vase with fresh flowers. In order to bring in something that will symbolize the earth, you may either put a super cool globe or a d├ęcor in earth nuance – brown or green. Finally – the metal – is the easiest element from the Feng Shui tendency. Metal pieces of furniture or metal shelves on the walls are the perfect solution for your interior design. However, Feng Shui is also about the balance of the colors at home. According to the Eastern flow, they should be perfectly combined if you want to achieve a healthy and harmonious atmosphere at your home . The positive energy should be coming from one single bright nuance – green, red or yellow – and the surrounding area should be colored in a neutral palette – white, beige or light blue.

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